Maha board chemistry paper 2023: पेपर कैस solve करे,maha board previous year paper

Maha board chemistry paper 2023: पेपर कैसे लिखे, maha board previous year paper


Maharashtra Board 12th class chemistry papers are always moderate or of the same level and due to the simpleness of the paper, students bring marks in the right way and also pass, but students who have to do more preparation in less time Or how to write the paper and how to bring maximum marks, if you want to do this, then you have to use a maha board chemistry paper 2023 strategy, as if all of you have to see the last 2 years papers once. 1 What happens from what is being asked in the paper, you come to know which question board is asking and on which topic, if you read that topic completely after seeing that question, then what is in your mind Those topic related questions remain, they will be a complete attempt.

                                  And what will happen from this, as you will know which topics are very important and questions are coming from those topics, then you can check that topic in which subject or we can say that chapter completely. You are going to see, in the same way, after seeing each and every question, from which topic and from which chapter it is being raised, you have to see those chapters completely, you have to see the answers of all the questions coming completely so that If any question from those topics from those chapters is asked in the paper, then you will be able to write something about it and you will get its marks.


Why are last 2 year papers of Maha board chemistry important?


As you know, in the coming few days, you have board exams and you have to prepare for that board exam, so if you do the last 2 years’ papers well even in 1 day, then your All the questions will be answered and if any question is asked in the exam, then you will come by writing some information about it and it is likely to increase your marks and gives you a good mark examiner checker.


And if you have 1 month left, then you have to import all the questions behind all your important chapters and write all those questions on one page and those questions which came in two or three papers of last year. You have to see the answer of the same question once and you have to do the same topic, then you will come after answering all the important questions, then if any different type of question comes in the exam, then you should write it correctly. will you come


Why is it important to see solved chemistry papers?


If any student has attempted the paper or how those students have written the paper, how they have started, how they have written the first section, second exam, and how much space they have left after writing the answer to the question and 2 marks. How much they have written for 4 marks, how much they have written, how much is necessary to write, how to write the strategy to do that, all these things you get to see the previous year’s paper and these small things give you more marks.


Now whether you have chemistry or any other subject, if there is any paper of the board, then first of all you will pick up the papers of the last 2,3 ,4 years and take out their PDF or print out all those papers and Mark all those questions as important and keep an eye on their answers. Now if all of you want to download the last 2-4 year exam papers, then all of you will have to join the Telegram channel, where all of you will get all the subjects. You will get to see the paper, along with all the students of class X and XII are available there and along with that you will also get to see the answer PDF there, so in this way you have provided the material back, it will make you very easy and you will get here You will not have to go there to download the exam paper, you have provided all the material at one place, so you will find it very easy to study.

How is the Chemistry paper checked after writing it?


First of all, what type of answer the students have written and how much they have written, plus whether all of them have solved the question in the right field and what they have written inside the question and in the head, it is also checked from top to top. Answers of all of you are written, no examiner checker answers in more depth, but how much you have written and related to the topic is seen, what happens if you have written the result something or the other from the topic, then that check It is done and they do not get full marks, they get half marks, then in this way your marks can increase, so you should be asked any question in the paper, its answer should be related to that topic and not on another topic. And later, you will have to write the answers of all the questions with more marks in detail, like if a question has been asked for 4 marks, then you will have to fill a page completely and write two-three paragraphs in it. Have to do it, so your answer will be big and you have written topic related You will be given full marks

                In this way, all your papers are checked very easily and the whole process of checking is over in 15 to 20 days and if an examiner checker checks a lot of papers, then he cannot see the complete answers of all the papers. That’s why he checks from above, you only have to write the same topic asked in the question in the answer, he writes related to it, if you write another topic there, then you do not get marks, then you have to keep this in mind that You should not leave the topic, you have to write something on the same topic, in this way all your papers are checked for any subject.

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