12th board biology paper 2023: how to solve paper, maha board previous year paper

12th board biology paper 2023: how to solve paper, maha board previous year paper


First of all, you should know what type of questions Maharashtra Board is asking in each paper, along with which topic maximum questions are being asked, it should also be known and the very important thing is that the last two In three years, you have to pick up the questions that have been asked for each subject, that means you have to see the papers of the last few years, which questions are being asked in it, from where those questions are being made, from which chapter those questions are asked. You should know all these things are coming from, so on this page you have been given all this information, by reading which how you can get maximum marks in the paper?

Maharashtra Board 10th 12th students, first of all, which is your subject and you have to keep looking at the last 2 years papers of that subject, along with which questions are coming from which topic in that paper, then you have to find out that topic. You have to keep reading again and again, you have to see all the questions that can be made from that topic, you have to write the answers to that question on a page or you have to solve the whole paper and that too with time because you have to You will get the same amount of time in the exam hall as it takes you to solve a paper, so you should also keep this thing in your mind that your paper should be solved within the time

What will happen with this, you will get a good habit that you can solve your paper within time and this thing is going to be very useful while solving your paper, because of this your marks are going to increase and this thing will be very beneficial for you. Yes, now suppose your next upcoming paper is chemistry biology, then if your next paper is of biology then what are the important chapters you should do, you will also know by looking at last 2-4 years paper.

Board Exam Topper strategy


If you want to do board preparation within 1 month, then it can be possible for you, for this you will have to use a good uncle, that strategy is that whether you have Maharashtra board or anyone else, look at its previous year papers. Have to take and write the answers to all the questions in that paper on another page and you have to do that completely, along with this you have to keep in mind that if this question has been asked to you from another topic So if you get any question from that topic, then you should come to that topic and you have to read that topic thoroughly once or twice. Even if the question comes in your exam paper, you can write something about some question, which if you write something about it, you will not get full marks, but you will get half marks. will go

Where see to Board paper ?

And if you want most of the information about what has been asked in the board paper last year, what questions have been asked, then you can go to our telegram channel and see there whatever is important or paper for the students of class X and XII. There are important questions coming in the exam, they have been told to you, then you will find the link of telegram above, there are many students and connected who want us to get some good marks in the exam paper, there you will get any information about the board. When the update comes, first of all you get the alert notification there.

And one thing like you have provided biology questions bank on the official website of Maharashtra Board, that question bank is very important and as some papers have become of class 10th and 12th of Maharashtra Board, so many such questions are there in all those papers. Were asked which you had given money money in the question bank, then you will get to see that question bank on the official website of Maharashtra Board, by going there you will see that question bank 10th class students, 10th class question bank and 12th class Students will also see because it is a very important question bank from which every time some or the other question is asked in the paper, then you will get to see there, first of all you have to do both the important topic important question from there, that In the question bank, you are going to see only questions, then where will you see the questions of all those questions, as if you will have a digester of Navneet, he is expected to have many such questions in the digester, which will come in the same question bank. If you have done this, then you will get to see the answers of all those questions in Navneet’s book and along with that you will have to solve all the important papers of Navneet.

What are the things to be kept in mind before the commencement of the exam?


You have to take a print out of the admit card that you have two to four days before the exam, and that print color should be a little bit like that, you have to take it along with you in every paper of the exam, along with you have to write the paper. Whatever material is going to be useful, you have to take it with you, you have to take care of small things, along with you also have to carry a water bottle, which will be useful to you while writing the paper, and if possible, you can now Let’s follow a good habit, as if you can solve the paper at home in the same amount of time as you get for the paper, then you should understand all these things a few days before the paper. You have to take care of other things, along with you have to follow all the guidelines of Maharashtra Board.

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