Maha board biology paper 2023: पेपर कैसे solve करे,maha board previous year paper

Maha board biology paper 2023: paper how to solve, maha board previous year paper


Class 10th and Class 12th exams have started in Maharashtra, in such a situation, you will get the papers and important questions of any subject of class 10th and 12th which are very helpful for all of you exams, in just a few days all of you will be able to prepare for Biology. If there is a paper, then how to write the paper so that you get maximum marks and keeping in mind what things you have to write answers to all the questions coming in the paper, we see the complete information about it.


First of all how to start the paper and which formula should be used to get maximum marks in the paper?


1. First of all, you have to start your paper from the first page, which you have to write answers to all the questions that come in the paper, if you do not know any question, then you have to write some information about it, what happens to you if You do not know his question correctly or you do not know how to write the answer, even if you have exaggerated some information about it, you are given half of its marks.

2. So you do not have to leave any question like this, you have to write about it, now it comes to the point here, first of all, you have to start from where you have to write less and you know its answers correctly.

3. If you used this method, then what happens to it, the person who checks the paper first reads the answers to all the questions you have written and if you have written the answers to the first questions correctly, then he He will like to read, he will give you marks, then he will not let you come, he will not read the whole paper, he will see above.

4. In this way, all of you can get more marks, so you have to keep in mind that what you have to write after solving the paper completely.

All of you have to use simple and simple language in the paper, which you can understand and the teacher who checks the paper can also understand it so that he is able to give you maximum marks, now you remember If you have to write a question of four marks to keep it, then you have to write the answer of that question at least more than half a page and you have to see the answer a little more, or you have to keep all the things in mind.


What do you need to carry with you on the day of paper?


First of all, a few days before your paper starts, all of you will get the hall ticket admit card, you have to take out a xerox or color print of that paper and bring it with you at the time of exam. You have to keep the photo with your partner, whatever other material you are going to take to write the paper, you have to take it along with it, you have to keep a water bottle with you, which will be useful for you when you are writing the paper.


Or you have to keep all the simple things in mind and if you all want to take more months in the exam, then you have to see the paper of two years, which questions are there in it and you have to write the answers yourself and see them once. Because of which you are going to remember all the answers and even if any question from the last two year’s paper is repeated again, it will be very useful for you. By looking at the previous year paper, you can get to know the pattern of the board, what the board is asking in the exam and from which topic more questions are being asked, if you come to know about it, then you will be able to write the paper well.

Why previous year question paper important?

Every time what has been asked in the Maharashtra Board in the last two years, if you come to know this, then you will get to see all the same topics in the paper, so you have to read all the topics well before the paper, because in the paper Most of the questions will be asked from the same and you have to read the same topic and all the questions that are being made on that topic, you have to read and write the answers to all the questions once, by talking about this your writing speed will also increase. And together you will get a practice of writing the paper in 3 hours. And every time all the questions that come in the Maharashtra 10th and 12th class paper are about 70% of the previous year’s paper, so keep this in mind. It is said that the previous year’s paper is going to be very important for you and whatever comes in that paper, you have to do important chapters also, that this chapter is important for us, so every time more and more questions are made from this chapter. You have to focus more on that chapter and you have to read that chapter

If you want to download last year’s exam paper or see it, then you will have to go to the Telegram channel and see the link of the Telegram channel, where all the students are available, who are of class X and XII, then you will get 10th and 12th board Every update will be seen there, along with every new news coming there, you will also get to know, so all of you have to join there to see most of the information.

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